Goals: Meaningfulness, Quality, Quantity, Variety of Input

Please help the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization develop a new Public Participation Plan by answering a few questions about our public participation goals.

* 1. MEANINGFULNESS: If you shared your transportation problems, what would convince you that the Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization listened and considered your input?

* 2. QUALITY INPUT: What do you need to know to give thoughtful, practical input on transportation planning?

* 3. QUANTITY: To get a high quantity of responses, public input should be easy. What is the easiest way to reach you?

* 4. VARIETY OF INPUT: Hearing from lots of people is great, but not as helpful if they are all the same experiences and perspectives. Some people have extra challenges in providing input, or are underrepresented in public input. Which category is most important to you?

* 5. The Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization seeks public participation to protect the integrity and transparency of transportation planning. The four goals of the public participation plan are meaningfulness, quality, quantity, and variety of input. Does this miss anything?

* 6. Other comments?

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