1. Overview

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Welcome to Zweig Group's Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey part 1. This survey focuses on AEC firm policies, HR department responsibilities and structure, and career development topics. 
This survey is designed to be taken by a firm leader, director, or manager, working in the architecture, engineering, construction, or environmental industry, who is familiar with their firm's policies, procedures, and benefits.  
Responses from this survey will be used to produce Zweig Group's Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey Report
In order to produce this publication, we need your help! 

  • Do not close your browser when participating in the survey. If you need to take a break, leave the browser open and come back later.
  • Call Zweig Group if you have any comments or concerns at 800-466-6275 or email research@zweiggroup.com

Please participate in this survey by clicking the NEXT button at the bottom of the page. That will take you to the first page of the questionnaire. Any firm, large or small, may participate. The survey questions are easy and should take you less than 30 min to complete.  

This is a confidential survey, and while the results will be published in summary form, no one will be able to identify your firm as a participant.  When answering numerical questions, please do not use additional characters like "$" and or "," (e.g. enter "5000000").

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Thank you for your time and input!