2017 Professor of the Year Nomination Form

As a faculty member or administrator, you are invited to nominate a full-time or adjunct faculty member for the 2017 Professor of the Year Award or the 2017 Adjunct Professor of the Year Award. 

Please note: Faculty members may not receive the Professor of the Year award more than once every five years.

Nomination forms must be submitted by 5pm, December 16.

* 1. Nominee:

* 4. Nominated by:

* 5. Relationship to nominee:

Nomination Criteria:

Please review the following ten criterion statements, and provide specific examples for each criterion – i.e., wherever possible or applicable.

* 6.
Effectiveness in the classroom

* 7.
Knowledge of subject matter

* 8.
Impact and involvement with students: in or outside the classroom

* 9.
Contribution to the college

* 10.
Contribution to curricula development

* 11.
Contributions to his or her discipline and profession

* 12.
Contributions to the community

* 13.
Personal characteristics contributing to excellence

* 14.
Effort toward self-development

* 15.
Evidence of distinction and achievement earned by former students

* 16. Nomination Rationale (file upload)

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