Papa Ola Lōkahi’s mission is to improve the health status and wellbeing of Native Hawaiians and others by advocating for, initiating and maintaining culturally appropriate strategic actions aimed at improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of Native Hawaiians and their ‘ohana and empowering them to determine their own destinies.

Please complete the Community Voices Survey developed by Papa Ola Lōkahi.
This survey is designed to give insight into the health behaviors of our communities. 
Your responses are anonymous and confidential.

* 1. Gender

* 2. Native Hawaiian

* 3. Age

* 4. Residence Zip Code

* 5. I am able to read, write, or speak Hawaiian.

* 6. I am able to identify and/or share Hawaiian history, mo’olelo (stories), traditions, and customs.

* 7. I participate in activities that connect me to aina.

* 8. I participate in traditional food consumption and food preparation.

* 9. I am able to access health care services in my community.

* 10. I participate in other forms of health practices including traditional forms of healing.

* 11. I have a traditional person or Kupuna I can talk to.

* 12. I feel safe and connected to my family or a community.

* 13. I have a strong sense of belonging to my Hawaiian family or community.

* 14. Do you take part in your community's cultural events?

* 15. Being Native Hawaiian means I sometimes have a different way of looking at the world.

* 16. Other Comments: