We are reaching out to you to gather information about your experiences in the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA).

The co-op is in need of increased membership, volunteer commitment, and general capacity to create more sustainability as we shape our profession into the future.

We understand that engagement in the co-op is dependent upon social safety and transparent communication, among other things. Since POCA leadership is currently re-evaluating infrastructure and governance, the Movement Building Circle (MBC) has proposed to the General Circle (GC) that an equity assessment with Partners for Collaborative Change take place to help us understand how we might improve and expand membership engagement. You can see MBC’s equity assessment proposal here.

A paramount objection was raised within the GC to MBC’s proposed equity assessment, and a committee was formed as a result to gauge membership interest in this proposal moving forward.

The survey below is a first step in helping us understand what POCA can do to better serve, engage and expand membership to create a flourishing, robust cooperative. We appreciate your participation!

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* 1. What's your relationship to POCA?

"I am a POCA . . ."