Gila River Transit Non Rider Survey

1.What is your main source of transportation?(Required.)
2.What is the purpose of most of your trips?(Required.)
3.Does Gila River Indian Community have enough transit service?(Required.)
4.How would you rate our transit system as it is today?(Required.)
5.Overall, would you say your perception of Gila River Transit and our services are:(Required.)
6.What are the chances you would use public transit in the future?(Required.)
7.What are the main reasons you chose NOT to use Gila River Transit(Required.)
8.Would improvements to any of the following increase your use of transit?(Required.)
9.What is the best way for us to inform you about our services?(Required.)
10.What is your age(Required.)
11.Which of the following best describes your total annual income?(Required.)
12.How many people currently live in your household, including yourself?(Required.)
13.How many people in your household drive?(Required.)
14.How many operable motor vehicles are in your household (cars, trucks, motorcyles, etc.)(Required.)