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Dear WFSGI Member,

Upon proposal of our Manufacturing Committee, the WFSGI will be asking its members over the next months some general information related to their business and the Coronavirus. This will not take you more than 3 minutes and in return you will be informed by us about the consolidated results of this industry exercise.
Your answers to this survey will help us all to better understand the impact of the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) on the sporting goods business. According to our members, such information is not at all available at this stage and would be very valuable to better understand how the situation might evolve. In order to provide you with a better understanding of challenges created by the Coronavirus and the further development, we will kindly invite you on monthly basis to fill in this survey.
Please note, that all responses will be kept confidential by the WFSGI and the data collected will be anonymised. No questions are asked regarding your personal name, your company’s name, address, etc.

In advance many thanks for answering the following questions.

Stay safe and healthy and we are looking forward to provide you with the results soon.

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