The Florida Lifespan Respite Alliance appreciates your interest in our services. We are interested in learning about your respite care awareness after you have accessed information via our resources (caregiver summit, webpage or social media accounts). 

By completing this survey, you will assist us in evaluating the information that we shared with you and inform us of changes that we may need to make in our messaging.

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* 1. Please check the term that best describes your role as it relates to respite care.

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* 2. Because of my interaction(s) with the Florida Lifespan Respite Alliance's resources (Family Caregiver Lifespan Respite Summit,  webpage or social media sites), I am more aware that:

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Respite care is temporary relief for family caregivers from their care of a child or adult with special health needs.
Respite care prevents caregiver burnout, allows caregivers to recharge, and focus on personal needs.
Respite care can be provided for persons with a variety of health issues, including Alzheimer's or dementia, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury and other chronic diseases.
Respite care can be provided for brief or extended periods of time.
Respite care can be provided in many settings, including home care, community centers, day care centers, summer camps, etc.
There are several local/regional agencies that will assist with identifying respite services.
The ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center assists the Florida Lifespan Respite Alliance with funding and support to promote quality respite care services.

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