PISD Parents and Families,

Paris ISD understands that parental involvement is crucial in supporting our schools as they meet student needs. Therefore, we invite you to participate by completing a short 20 question parent involvement survey.
Your answers will be kept confidential and will be used only in combination with those of other parents in a report of the survey findings. Your input is very important. Findings of the survey will be summarized and used to improve our efforts in strengthening the partnership between parents and their children's school.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, you may contact Denise Kornegay at 903-737-7500 or denise.kornegay@parisisd.net.

Thank you for taking the time to help us understand our strengths and opportunities for improvement.

* 1. The building and campus are kept clean and in good condition.

* 2. The school building has the space and physical arrangement needed to conduct the kinds of programs we have.

* 3. The district provides a safe environment for my child while he/she is riding the bus to school. (Please skip this question if your child does not ride the bus to school.)

* 4. The campus provides a safe environment for my child while he/she is at school.

* 5. Rules, expectations, and standards are clearly defined, stated, and communicated so that students, teachers, and parents know what is expected.

* 6. Parents/Community members feel free to communicate with the principal.

* 7. The school staff listens to the concerns of parents.

* 8. The school staff provides quality counseling to help students with social or emotional needs.

* 9. Student accomplishments are recognized and rewarded.

* 10. Students are held responsible for their actions.

* 11. Students are expected to master basic skills at each grade level and are encouraged to strive for excellence.

* 12. Teachers are available for parent/teacher conferences.

* 13. The school supports parent involvement. Regular opportunities are provided for parents to be involved in learning activities and in examining new ideas.

* 14. The school and district communicate in a variety of ways including by phone, email, websites, the Paris ISD app, School Messenger, and social media.

* 15. The online Parent Portal is helpful in keeping up with students' grades.

* 16. Teachers' newsletters and web pages are useful in keeping up with classroom information.

* 17. The principal and teachers appropriately address/discipline those who bully other students.

* 18. My child's health and nutrition are being addressed in school.

* 19. The school staff respects cultural differences.

* 20. The school has quality programs for my child's talents, gifts, and/or special needs.

* 21. Which school does your child attend?

* 22. Please tell us what your child's school is doing WELL.

* 23. Please tell us what your child's school could do to IMPROVE.

Thank you for participating in our survey.