Hi there, eco-champion!   

This survey won’t take long – about 5 minutes (we promise!) 

What are we doing?  
We’re a group of young people from Australia, Nepal and Indonesia, and we want to know how climate change has affected your education. This will inform a research report and campaign we are developing.  

Why are we doing this initiative?  
The climate crisis isn't just about rising temperatures, it's also intensifying inequalities for girls, young women, and gender diverse young people, for one of our most basic and important rights – the right to an education.  

To support this, we’re asking young people about how their education is being affected by climate change, and what they want to see done about it.    

How will the information you give be used? 
The info you give will be used in our reports and campaigns to show leaders how the climate crisis is impacting our education. 

There’s also an option to share a photo or video with us, that shows how climate change has impacted your education. If share a photo or video, it might be used on Plan International reports, websites and social media. 

You don't have to join this study if you don’t want to – it's totally up to you! You can also leave the survey whenever you want, before hitting that submit button. Your privacy is super important to us, so we won't collect your name or any personal info. It's all confidential! 

If you would like more information about this questionnaire please contact Jen Merryweather - jennifer.merryweather@plan.org.au
Before we start, we need your consent. If you're under 18, please go through these questions with your parent or guardian.  

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* 1. I have read the project explanation above and I consent to participate in this questionnaire.

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* 2. I understand that my participation is for research purposes only.

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* 3. I understand that my participation is voluntary and I can withdraw at anytime before I submit my response

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* 4. I understand that the information I provide is confidential and my data will only be accessible by Plan International Australia staff and youth researchers.

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* 5. I understand that I can contact Jen Merryweather on jennifer.merryweather@plan.org.au if I have further questions, or concerns

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* 6. If I upload a photo as part of the survey, I am happy for it to be used in Plan International reports, as well as on the Plan International website and social media channels.