Answer the following questions to see if you are prepared for this year's annual enrollment.
Good luck!

* 1. Where do I complete my benefit enrollment?

* 2. What is the deadline to enroll in benefits?

* 3. True or False: If I do nothing, I will automatically be enrolled in health insurance.

* 4. Who of the following are eligible dependents for my health, dental and vision insurance?

* 5. My benefits will go into effect on what date?

* 6. If I have questions regarding my benefits, who can I call?

* 7. True or False: My Health Savings Account dollars will roll over year-after-year.

* 8. When can I start contributing to my Retirement Income Account?

* 9. True or False: I can access Workday from home.

* 10. My 2017 Flexible Spending Account dollars must be used by what date?

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