This year will mark our fourth annual Tribute Dinner. Once again, we ask for your input in nominating those who have made exceptional contributions to St. George's and the community at large since the school's founding in 1930. 

Join us for this signature event recognizing individuals within our community who embrace St. George's ideals and reflect the characteristics and qualities inherent in the founding principles of our school. Through their leadership and commitment to service, award recipients have become shining examples of how we can shape the St. George’s community, our personal and professional communities, and the world at large.

Award Categories

Please nominate those who you believe have contributed greatly in the following categories: 
- Award of Distinction 
- Community Champion Award 
- Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award
- Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning Award
- Outstanding Staff Member Award
- Young Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award 
- Outstanding Student Award 


1. Select only one (1) nominee per category and tell us why you nominated this person (posthumous nominations are eligible).
2. You are not required to complete each category.
3. Click 'Done' to submit your nomination(s).

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* 1. Nominator Information (Your information will remain confidential)

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* 2. Award of Distinction

Awarded to an alumnus/a who has made a lifetime contribution of exceptional leadership and service to St. George’s and to the community

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* 3. Community Champion Award

Awarded to a non-graduate who has demonstrated a long term commitment of service to St. George’s (e.g. Parent Volunteer, Donor, etc.)

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* 4. Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award

Awarded to an alumnus/a who has demonstrated long-term commitment to St. George’s

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* 5. Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning Award

Awarded to a current or past teacher who has demonstrated a positive and lasting impact on St. George's students

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* 6. Outstanding Staff Member Award

Awarded to a current or past staff member whose outstanding dedication and conscientious performance has had a significant impact on  St. George's

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* 7. Young Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award

Awarded to a graduate of the last 10 years who has demonstrated professional excellence and community leadership

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* 8. Outstanding Student Award 

Awarded to a recent/current St. George’s student who has demonstrated qualities as an outstanding student leader and contributor to student life