Include in Regular Sunday School Attendance: Groups that 1) meet weekly, 2) include a 1/2 hour study of the Bible or Biblical principles, and 3) use an approved curriculum (approved by local SDMI Board). (Small Group, Bible Study, Day School if religious instruction meets above criteria)

Include in Extended Ministry/Outreach Attendance: Any group that meets to study Biblical principals but doesn't meet one of these criteria OR whose participants are not able to actively participate in the study (E.g. Nursing home, Caravan, Teen Group, Day School if religious instruction doesn't meet criteria for regular SS)

NOTE: Count each individual only once, even if they attend more than one group.
Please contact Fern Woodruff if you have any questions.

* Sunday School Attendance (Average)

* Sunday School Extended Ministries/Outreach Attendance (Average)

* Responsibility List (Regular and Extended Ministries - Total)

* Primary Worship Attendance (Average)