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Christmas is nearing! Some people have been staying away from Mass, as it is not an obligation during this COVID time. But they might still wish to come to a Christmas Mass. Father Houlihan is trying to figure out the best times to offer Masses this year, to make Mass most available to the people. Please take this survey to help him develop his plan!

In the survey are the 4 configurations we are considering. It will help Fr. Houlihan to know which configuration might work best for spreading out attendance at the different Masses, if a large percentage of parishioners will fill out the survey.

For families with elementary age children, please note: We will not be inviting children to come up to the choir area to join in the singing at any of the Masses.

At this time we are not planning to take reservations or tickets. This is just a survey to assist in scheduling Mass times.

Please enter the # of people in your group, including any guests, for the Mass you would most likely be attending if Father ends up using that configuration. If you think that you most likely will not be attending any Christmas Mass within that group, then please check that box.

Please complete one survey per family by November 30, 2020. To complete the survey, you will need to identify Mass times you would attend based on the 4 configurations.