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Nieto Research, Inc. is a market research firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. We conduct consumer research for manufactures of baby products such as diapers and baby wipes. We also do research for adult incontinence products and feminine hygiene needs.

Our Consumer Panel members receive free products to evaluate by recording their usage and completing questionnaires in the privacy of their homes. Major manufactures rely on consumer's opinions to help develop better products.

Once you sign up for the panel, you will be entered into our database. Our initial contact with you prior to every study will be through email. If you qualify for a specific study, we will follow the email with a call giving you the details and asking if you would like to participate. At that time you can decide if you are interested in testing a particular product. If you are not home when we call, we usually do not leave a message. We will try you again the next time you qualify for a project, there is no pressure.

To sign up for the panel all you need to do is complete the confidentiality agreement which protects the product manufactures. Then complete the Consumer Panel basic information sheet. Many of the studies we conduct involve new products that are just coming into the market. The manufactures want to keep their ideas secret until they are released nationwide. By submitting, you agree to not discuss the actual product specifics with anyone outside your home. Telling someone that you are participating in a study, or how the study is conducted is not considered confidential, just the actual products and testing documents.

Your feedback is important. The first step is to read and agree to the confidentiality agreement. The objective is to make sure we protect the manufacturers. If you agree please, click submit and if not, please do not hesitate to share your concerns with us at panel@nietoresearch.com

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