Thank you for participating in this survey by PERT (Procurement Executive Round Table). Your input will be held in strict confidence and summary results will be processed at the PERT meeting on October 18, 2017. If you want your results compared to the benchmark, please be sure to provide us with the optional contact information. If you would like to discuss your individual results and get a personalized assessment, we can schedule some time to do that as well.

This survey contains 20 questions and should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey is set up so that each of the 20 statements have five possible responses. In each case, select the response that MOST NEARLY DESCRIBES your organization.  

Thank you for your time and thoughtful inputs. Your help in this effort is important to better understand the challenges we all face. Again, the results of this survey will be discussed in the upcoming PERT meeting to be  held on October 18, 2017.