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Dare Institute is inviting potential participants from various backgrounds for a study on how adults differ in their social-perspective taking skill, awareness of boundaries, degree of loneliness, narcissism, dissociative experiences, psychoticism, level of social desirability, attachment relationship, anger, impulsivity, depression character, experiences of physical punishment and abandonment/physical neglect. The purpose of this study is to explore an empirical basis, to facilitate discussion among our profession. Your participation is entirely voluntary. Your answers will remain anonymous and all of your information will be confidential. If you do not want to finish this study. you can quit the survey at any time. If you have any questions regarding the survey please email professor Michael Lamport Commons at 

The survey that follows contains several studies. I understand the intent and requirements of these studies. The information that I provide about my personal history, as well as the responses I give to these questions will be strictly confidential. My identity will not be divulged in any discussion, lecture, address or publication derived from this project. By responding to these questions, I agree to participate in these studies.

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