Avalon & TIA CTB Trimester 3 Scholarship

The TIA Foundation is offering 2 (two) TIA Certified Transportation Broker Trimester 3 2024 scholarships sponsored by Avalon Risk Management. Scholarships cover the registration in Trimester 3 from August 19 - December 7, 2024 which includes the Online Study Course, the three CTB Exam Sections for the exam on December 7 from 9am-5pm ET, and one extra CTB Exam section if one section is failed on the first attempt.

The CTB Trimester 3 registration fee is waived for scholarship recipients. The TIA CTB Committee will make final selections.

Each company is limited to one (1) candidate. Candidates must be first time TIA CTB candidates, pass the pre-requisite test on their first two attempts, and be TIA Members. If an applicant is selected as a winner but does not pass the prerequisite exam, the applicant will not be enrolled into the course. To enroll in the CTB Course, please visit: https://www.tianet.org/course-ctb/

Completed applications must be received on or before midnight EST, August 5, 2024 for consideration. Failure to complete the essay section will result in an incomplete application as the essay response is mandatory. Scholarship recipients will be notified by August 16, 2024 and provided necessary information for redeeming their scholarship. All recipients must agree to attend the CTB Exam on December 7 for the exam window between 9am-5pm ET

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