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Instructional Delivery Selection Survey

Parents and Guardians of ABLE Students,

January 28th, 2021 marks the beginning of ABLE's Spring Semester and our second, First Day of School.

Barring negative developments in the public health landscape, ABLE will open its campus for in person instruction beginning January 28th.  In this survey we will ask you to select whether each of your children currently attending ABLE will return to campus for in person instruction OR if they will remain in distance learning for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  The logistics of opening our campus to a portion of our student population while also supporting students who select distance learning are complex and challenging.  For this reason, once you make a selection you will be held to that selection for the remainder of the school year.  ABLE's Superintendent will be the final word on all unresolved disputes regarding this process.   

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* 1. Parent / Guardian Information

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* 2. Second Parent / Guardian Information (Optional)

Below you will be asked to enter information on each of your children that attend ABLE, and to elect whether they will participate in In Person or Distance Learning from January 28th, 2021 to the end of the school year in June.

To help you make an informed decision, here is some basic information about each learning model.

In Person Learning Model - Students attending ABLE in person will be on campus four (4) days per week, and at home one (1) day per week.  Students will be in class on campus from approximately 8:00am to 12:30pm, at which time they must be picked up and adjourn the campus.  Students will have an additional hour of school work and activities to engage with at home each day.  One day each week students will stay home and work on asynchronous learning activities along with office hours and small group sessions with their teachers while ABLE staff performs deep cleaning of campus facilities.  In Person students who participate in ABLE's school lunch program will receive meals on campus each day.

Distance Learning Model - Students will continue to learn from home.  ABLE K-5 students will learn with a teacher who is ONLY SUPPORTING DISTANCE LEARNING.  ABLE 6-12th grade students will be placed in DISTANCE ONLY class periods for core subjects, and periods that have both distance and in person students for some electives.  Distance Learning students who participate in ABLE's school lunch program will continue to receive meals one (1) week at a time and meals must be picked up weekly.

PLEASE NOTE:  To best support in person and distance learning students your K-5 student's teacher may change.  Choice of your child's teacher CANNOT be a consideration for changing your selection after the fact.  ABLE's Superintendent will be the final word on all unresolved disputes.

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* 3. Student 1 Information

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* 4. Student 1 Current Grade Level

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* 5. Do you elect In Person Learning or Distance Learning for this student? (Student 1)

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* 6. Will this student participate in ABLE's school lunch program? (Student 1)

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* 7. Do you have another ABLE student?