Worcester City Council is proposing to deliver improvements to an area of public open space at Cotswold Way, situated between Cranham Drive and Chedworth Close in Warndon.  
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Subject to approval the Council will consider spending up to £100,000 on this project, and we are asking residents and stakeholders for their views on the proposals to help us shape what can be delivered. 
Biodiversity – it is proposed to increase biodiversity in the area by introducing wildflowers, increasing habitat value, maximising the existing woodland and undertaking work to promote the health of numerous fruit trees in the area. 
Play Equipment – it is proposed to introduce play equipment at four zones adjacent to the public footpath between Cranham Drive and Chedworth Close, creating a ‘play on the way’ experience for toddlers, juniors and early teens to enjoy as they are walking along the route. 
Car Parking – it is proposed to turn the unused area of hard standing off Rodborough Close into an illuminated ‘free to access’ car park providing 11 spaces. 
We welcome your thoughts on our plans. The information from this survey will be reported to our Place and Economic Development Committee in the New Year and will help inform our decisions about the project. 
This online survey is for people aged 13 and over, but other people can fill it in on behalf of younger children. 
The survey results will be statistical and will never contain your name or anything that could identify you. Your details will not be linked to your opinions in any way. 
For more information about how we will use any personal information you choose to give us, please see our associated Privacy Notice.

The survey is open from 20 November 2023 to 17 December 2023. 
Please answer the following questions to help us understand your interest in the proposals. 
You need to be aged 13 and over to complete this survey yourself, but an adult can fill it in on behalf of younger children.

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