Applying for PDG Funds

This form can be used by SWE sections, members-at-large, committees or others to apply for funds to conduct activities which align with the mission of the Society of Women Engineers.

These events may include SWE-led external events advocating for females in engineering and technology, such as outreach with girls, parents, educators, corporations, or general community.

Funds may also be used for SWE-led events that advocate for SWE members, such as professional development, SWE leadership development, and committee productivity improvements.

1. The proposal must be sponsored by a legitimate SWE organization, such as a Section, MALs, Society Committee, or Affiliate (international).

2. The proposal must be submitted by a currently paid SWE member.

3. The project must be managed by a currently paid SWE member.

4. Any SWE organization requesting funds must be in good standing with the Society.
• The President and Treasurer (or other fiscal authority) must be paid members of SWE.
• Section or MAL's must have submitted their annual report to SWE Headquarters at the close of the last fiscal year (as required).

5. Proposals from Society Committees must include a copy of Board Meeting Minutes or Notes clearly stating approval by the Board of Directors.

6. SWE organizations requesting funds may have no more than three outstanding awards, deliverables, or unreturned unused funds totaling up to less than $15,000, for projects previously funded by a Program Development Grant and not yet overdue. Any submitting organization with ANY overdue final reports, funds, or deliverables is not eligible for further funding until brought current.