There are three (3) sections to this nomination form:
1. About you – information about you as the person making the nomination
2. Your nominee – information about who you are nominating
3. The nomination – the reasons you believe your nominee is an outstanding patient carer.

You must complete all three sections for your carer to be considered for the Outstanding Patient Carer 2024 award.

A. The respect the carer has for patients:
- Carer is on time.
- Carer advises patient if they will be late.
- Carer is approachable, pleasant and polite.
- Carer addresses the patient appropriately (first name or using their preferred title)
- Carer is always clean, neat and tidy in appearance.
B. Carer demonstrates empathy and concern for patients:
- Carer has demonstrated a positive impact on their patients
- Carer demonstrates a dedication and commitment to their patients (caring for patients is not just a job)
- Carer is sensitive to the requirements of patients, if they notice additional support or treatment is required, they notify family or responsible parties.
- Carer always respects the privacy of the patient both physically and in the care the patient requires.
C. Carer demonstrates a willingness to change to meet changes in patient care standards.