NHI Member Survey -- Spring 2018

What's this about ?
This is a survey of OA members who attend OA meetings in the area served by New Hampshire Intergroup (NHI). Its purpose is to learn how NHI can better help its members strengthen their recovery [from compulsive eating]. If you have an interest in helping our members advance their recovery, please take a few minutes to examine the survey and complete it thoughtfully. The survey results will be shared with the membership as soon as possible.

NHI maintains it own website - oanewhampshire.org - which contains a wealth of information about OA in the NHI service area and links to other OA online resources.

If you would like to learn more about NHI before completing the survey, please visit this link: What is NHI?

Here are our questions for you:

1. How long have you been a member of OA?

2. Does your home meeting send a representative to NHI meetings? Or, if not, why not?

3. Using the scale below, please indicate how well you think NHI fulfills the following functions. For any function(s) you didn't know that NHI provided, please select 'Don't Know' as your response.

  Don't Know Doesn't Meet Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations Decline to Respond
Provide insurance to registered NHI member meetings.
Manage, print, and distribute a list of member meetings.
Maintain an answering service and PO Box to answer inquiries about OA, NHI and member groups.
Maintain a website and email addresses to help carry the OA message to OA members and to the public at large.
Publish a monthly newsletter (the Promises) on the NHI website and distribute copies at member meetings.
Organize and sponsor sharathons, retreats, workshops and special events.
Inform the general public and health care professionals about OA at health care related events and programs.
Collect feedback, via NHI representatives, about member groups' conscience regarding evolving OA policy and literature published by OA World Service Office (WSO).
Send representatives to Region 6 and the WSBC (World Service Business Conference).
Make regular contributions to OA Region 6 and WSO.
Educates members about OA worldwide.
Fund special projects to help carry the OA message of recovery to its members.
Has a "Twelfth Step Within" committee dedicated to sharing information and ideas that generate recovery within the fellowship.

4. Using the following scale, which of the following activities would you personally like to see NHI participate in to help strengthen the recovery of its members?

  Not Interested Slightly Interested Interested Most Interested Decline to Respond
Organize more workshops
Sponsor more than one retreat per year
Offer more scholarships to NHI retreats
Participate in more health care professional related events
Enable attendance by teleconference to NHI committee meetings and NHI Business meetings
Help members find sponsors
Help meetings find speakers
Help OA meetings conduct group inventory (see OA Group Inventory) in order to grow stronger
Support small meetings by having NHI representatives attend them
Revitalize the "Twelfth Step Within" committee
Sponsor more special projects like the Lifeline Subscription project for health care professionals
Assist members in starting new meetings
Publish recovery stories (blog or audio) on the NHI website

5. Using our scale, which topics from the following list would you most like to see future workshops or retreats focus on?

  Not Interested Slightly Interested Interested Most Interested Decline to Respond
The 12 Steps of OA
Prayer & Meditation
The 12 Traditions of OA
Starting a New Meeting
OA Resources

6. Which months in the list below would be best for you to attend a workshop or a retreat ?

7. Which of the following NH locations would you be willing to travel to in order to attend an NHI sponsored event ?

8. If you could participate on NHI committees without having to attend the monthly NHI business meetings, which committees in the following list would you chose to join?
(See pages 4-11 of this document for descriptions of NHI committees.)