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Dear Student,

Congratulations on your admission to Moody Bible Institute! You may have heard that you will be assigned a “Practical Christian Ministry” (PCM) each semester. Whether you are a new or returning student, we will place you in a PCM that will enhance your ministry training.

Moody’s Chicago campus is in the heart of a worldclass city known for its diverse communities. Students have opportunities to serve in more than 200 locations, including churches, youth outreach programs, homeless shelters, community centers, and more.

For your first-year PCM placement, please complete the following PCM Information Form. We will make every effort to match you with a ministry that best fits your skills and interests.


The Staff of the Practical Christian Ministries Department
Serving at Cook County Juvenile Detention Center

We all crowded around the small table: seven girls from the unit, my co-leader, and me. For an hour we
discussed questions the girls asked. Laura, a teenager who had been sucking her thumb most of the hour, said, “I have a question. Why do mothers just leave their daughters? Some girls in here say they haven’t seen their mothers for six months!” Jan, a girl who talks like Rocky, spoke up: “My mother just wants a roof over my head….” Before she could finish, she started to cry. Crying here is rare. Despite their brokenness, those girls in that chilly brick room still have hope, a hope that can only come from a personal, loving Savior touching a shattered life, and making it brand new.