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Here in Pima County, we want everyone to get the sexual health and family planning services they need in order to plan or prevent pregnancy, get all their questions answered, and stay healthy! We formed a group called the Pima County Reproductive Health Coalition (PCRHC) made up of Pima County Health Department programs, TMC, and other Local Organizations that provide reproductive health services who will work together to make our services better for everyone.
This survey will ask you questions that will help Pima County find out what services and support to you need to make easier healthcare choices. Your answers are anonymous. Some of these questions are personal. We will keep you answers private and will not share your name or details with anyone.
The survey will take about 10. Minutes and will be available until April 30, 2023. At the end of the survey, please let us know if you’d like more information! Thanks for your help.
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