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South-South Knowledge Exchange (SSKE) gained an international profile after the Bandung Conference (1955) as a means of promoting greater coordination between countries of the South and to stimulate their own development. Since then, the growing visibility of SSKE has added an important dimension to the international architecture of development cooperation. Well designed and implemented SSKE can significantly contribute to build capacity, confidence, and conviction of individuals and groups to adopt new policies, institutional arrangements and practices. SSKE is now playing a greater role than ever before in supporting change for reducing poverty and sharing prosperity. It is a cost-effective means for development solutions and improved capacities, strengthening developing countries’ voice, giving them the opportunity to support their external economic ties, and improving their bargaining power in multilateral fora.

The convening role of Brazil CMU in promoting cooperation between the countries is broadly acknowledged in the World Bank and LCR. Since 2009, Brazil CMU has facilitated over 170 SSKE activities from 90 countries around the world.

Due to this growing demand, a monitoring & evaluation management system for SSKE was developed, resulting in the establishment of the Brazil SSKE webpage. This initiative will simplify and consolidate the activity request process and assist the management of SSKE, allowing the CMU to better monitor and evaluate the effects of all the SSKE activities conducted by World Bank teams from around the world which include Brazil, either as a contributor or recipient of the exchange.

In this context, we would kindly ask you to fill all necessary information in this "SSKE Activity Request Page" and send it to Brazil CMU (just click "done" in the last page) in order to inform the CMU of your activity and initiate all clearance processes. Filling this request should take approx. 10 minutes.

Please be advised that a 10 business day period is required for internal processing in order to allow sufficient time to certify alignment of SSKE activity with CPF priorities and country dialogue.

Also, be advised that a fixed cost will be charged to your activity for internal processing and support. More details are presented in the second page of this form.

For further information, please send a message to brazilsouthsouth@worldbank.org
We strongly recommend you to read the Guidelines for a SSKE activity in the Brazil South-South webpage.

Another reading suggestion is the Q&A page, providing additional information that may help your activity.

Prepare for a great learning experience on development issues with Brazil.
Thank you!