Clinic and Community in Conversation
Closing the gap for children and adolescents in the HIV Response
1-3 November 2021
The PATA 2021 Summit, titled “Clinic and Community in Conversation: closing the gap for children and adolescents in the HIV response” is a collaborative meeting that will bring together a diverse community united in a renewed call to action to accelerate efforts to close the gap.

The thematic focus of the 2021 summit places health providers at the centre to build their capacity across the clinic and community, promoting conversations between these two service delivery platforms. This helps to strengthen partnership and improve HIV service delivery pathways for children and adolescents so that services are better coordinated and impactful. Beyond a platform for peer-to-peer exchange, the summit also promotes intersectoral, and intergenerational conversations to close the ‘policy-to-practise, and the know-do-gap’. This regional sharing, linking and learning can strengthen national HIV programming and will accelerate the delivery, joint monitoring and accountability of a comprehensive package of care, treatment and support for children, adolescents, young people and their caregivers.

In response to travel restrictions and various COVID-related lockdown regulations, the PATA 2021 Summit will, once again, be held via a centralised virtual platform (hub) that is connected to several regional in-country forums (spokes). The summit will combine a centralised virtual hub that allows for real-time and/or on-demand pre-recorded sessions through an online PATA platform. The virtual hub will run parallel to several in-country forums with in-person attendance in the form of satellite spokes. The mix of virtual and in-person delivery of the summit crosses digital and geographic divides and allows many more people to engage than in a traditional in-person summit.

The PATA 2021 Summit will provide a linking and learning platform to come together online and offline to examine progress, identify gaps and barriers, exchange knowledge, highlight and share game-changing strategies and service delivery frameworks.
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