Welcome to our survey. Your participation is important and appreciated!

Researchers from the University of Washington, in collaboration with the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC), created this survey to investigate Digital Twin (DT) deployment, the current state of the art, components and best practices, as well as opportunities and challenges for adoption and implementation.

Target Audience
This survey contains questions for three types of respondents:
1. DT developers (technology developers/vendors that develop DT solutions and/or provide DT services).
2. DT users (companies from any industry sectors that use DT as a technology solution).
3. Technology practitioners/researchers with knowledge of DT implementations.

Survey Participation
Participation in this survey is voluntary and respondents can withdraw at any time. Also, participation in this survey is anonymous unless you choose to share your contact information for further participation with the research team (more information in the last page of the survey). The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. To show our appreciation of your participation, you will have the chance to request a copy of the research final report.

Data Confidentiality
Your responses to this survey will be stored and maintained confidentially. At any time of the research process, only the research team will have access to the information. Also, the University of Washington has strict protocols to remove any identifiable information from any research publications.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Ali Borhani at aborhani@uw.edu.