Vision Santa Cruz County Community Survey

Santa Cruz County is engaging in a strategic planning process that will chart the long-term direction of the county. As a community member, your participation is extremely important to us.
Your responses to this survey will provide us with valuable information as we develop county government's first-ever strategic plan. It shouldn't take long to respond - we'll ask you to choose a few words to help define our vision and values, and then ask your input on community changes and needs. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at But first, a bit about us.
Santa Cruz County government provides a range of services to local residents, and is the primary conduit for state programs including environmental protection, health care and social services. The county also provides municipal services to residents in the unincorporated area, which make up about half the county's 272,000 residents. They include road repair, public safety/law enforcement, parks, libraries, planning/development and more. County government also runs local corrections programs and the jail, and contracts for fire protection with Cal Fire. 
We plan to present the strategic plan to the Board of Supervisors for approval by June 2018. Once adopted, it will help guide future decision-making when it comes to county government resources and priorities. To stay in touch with future developments, go to and sign up.
Strategic Plan Steering Committee
Vision Santa Cruz County

* 1. VISION: An effective vision highlights what changes you wish to create for the future of our community. It is inspirational and includes guiding concepts that help define and connect us as a community.

Please select up to five characteristics that stand out as important to you regarding the long-term vision given the county government's roles and responsibilities.

* 2. VALUES: A value is a standard, principle or quality that is considered worthwhile in and of itself. We seek to express our values by what we do in everyday life. Core values describe how an organization wants to act on a day-to-day basis. Examples include compassion, innovation and teamwork.

Please select up to five words that you believe are most important for how we engage with one another and guide our interactions and services.

* 3. TRENDS: We are now going to ask your help defining some of the changes, emerging issues and trends you see happening in the county. Think of what you see happening (or not happening) that has the greatest impact. You may also list aspects of the county that you feel should be maintained or preserved. Before you begin, consider several topic areas so that we can hear a range of issues, including affordability, community development, demographics, economy/jobs, health and social services, public safety, roads/traffic, etc.

Please provide up to five changes, emerging issues or trends that you see in the county.

* 4. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: We need your help identifying internal strengths and weaknesses of county government. Strengths indicate what the county is doing well, and weaknesses indicate areas for improvement. Consider areas where the county provides services and issues over which the county has direct control, including facilities, programs, local ordinances, staff, etc.

Please provide the two greatest strengths and weaknesses of county government in responding to local issues.

* 5. The next question is optional and open-ended. What do you think the county or county government needs in order to become a better place to live, work or play? (max. 250 words)

* 6. We are also asking for some information about you.

* 7. Would you be interested in participating in a focus group on goal setting for the strategic planning process?