* 1. How would you rate the impact of the recent disasters faced in the USA (in the form of hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, mass shootings to name a few) to which first responders have supported and your department may have faced in 2016?

* 2. If your department faced any of the above-mentioned disasters, how did the impact of the recent disasters affect your future 2017 Fire Department Budget to allow you to be better prepared?

* 3. If your department did not face any of the above-mentioned recent disasters, how has your 2017 equipment budget changed compared to 2016?

* 4. What actions will your agency take to maximize your 2017 budget purchasing capabilities?

* 5. Which of the following have you reduced or modified as a result of the 2016 disasters sustained in your community?

* 6. Have the recent disasters and the evolution of the fire equipment marketplace changed the way you purchase equipment?  (Please check all that apply)

* 7. Should financial constraints due to disasters hamper your 2017 budget, which of the following offers the most value when purchasing equipment?

* 8. For 2017, the results of your recruitment and retention efforts are expected to see

* 9. If 2016-2017 budgets are limiting your purchasing capabilities, what actions would you appreciate from equipment manufacturers?

* 10. Do you consider your department capabilities, both equipment and staff, adequate for the emergency response challenges you expect to face within the next 5 years based on your 2016 experiences?

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