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Sponsored by the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence and supported by the IABC Foundation and the AI Panel at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the 2nd Annual Communicating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey is an industry survey to discover what communication professionals and organizations are doing in communicating AI -- what is being tried, what is being learned and what success looks like in communicating AI. In addition, the role of survey participants in communicating AI will also be explored. Survey results will launch the development of the Communicating Artificial Intelligence Playbook for communication professionals. 
The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.  A completion bar tells you what percentage of the survey you have completed.  Upon completion, simply hit "Done" and your responses will submit.
All individual responses are confidential with data analysis occurring only at the aggregate level to identify trends and practices among groups of respondents.  If you are an owner/principal, employee or contractor of a company, please use that company in answering all the questions. If you are a consultant or agency to a company, please select one company as the focus for all your survey responses. 
Thank you for participating.  

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