* 1. Please describe the nature of business for your most recent contact with PPC.

* 2. Please indicate the means of your communication with PPC (please select all that apply).

* 3. Please rate your reception, initial greeting or introduction.

* 4. Please rate the timeliness that your request was handled.

* 5. Parts Customers – Please describe your parts experience.

* 6. Sales Customers – Please describe your sales experience.

* 7. Product / Warranty / Engineering Support Customers - Please describe your support experience.

* 8. Service Customers – Please describe your service experience.

* 9. Please describe your overall experience with PPC.

* 10. Please rate the pricing of parts, products or services received from PPC.

* 11. Please rate the knowledge of the person handling your request or needs.

* 12. Please describe your likelihood of referring and/or using PPC in the future.

* 13. In your opinion, what are 3 things that PPC excels at?

* 14. In your opinion, what are 3 things we could do to improve your perception of, or experience with PPC?

* 15. Please include any additional comments you may have that was not covered by this survey.

* 16. Would you like to leave your name or company name for our information?

* 17. Would you like us to contact you regarding your experience with PPC?

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