Welcome to the 2020 Online Reading Recovery Application.
In the following pages you will need to answer questions relating to your school details, your Reading Recovery intentions, your training and continuing teachers' details, and finish with a regional survey of the text levels of your six year olds over the last 12 months.

When you submit answers, do it only for your school and NOT on behalf of your whole Reading Recovery cluster or any other school, as allocations are calculated individually.

In addition to the Reading Recovery data, you will need your school ID number and its FULL name. If you need these details, you can get them from the Education Counts website, under the Open School Directory, here:
and download the School directory on the right hand side of the page. Note that Column A in the file will have you school ID, and column B will have your official school name.

As this website does not supply any form of confirmation, it is strongly suggested that you PRINT each page of this application for your records.
Press the "Print" icon on your browser AFTER you have completed each page and BEFORE clicking NEXT.
(Even if you did not print the page, you can always press the PREVIOUS button at the bottom of the page and in order to return to the previous page.).
Note: Even if you DO NOT offer a Reading Recovery programme you are asked to complete the last question in this survey relating to the text reading levels of your six year olds.
This survey will close on 22 October 2019