Leadership Circle Guidelines 2020-21

The Leadership Circle is an involved group of teens who have made a commitment to elevate their participation in J-Teen Leadership and further the mission of the organization.

Members of the Leadership Circle are encouraged to take on leadership roles and responsibilities that include but are not limited to:

-Attending at least 6 of the 9 monthly Sunday Leadership Circle meetings
-Volunteer at least once a month at a community organization of your choice and/or come to a J-Teen local project 
-Chairing and/or serving on at least one committee for a local service project
-Engagement of and outreach to teens in the Westchester area and beyond
-Attending at least 4 local projects, including MLK Day on January 18, 2021 and J-Serve (date TBA). If you cannot attend one or both of those events you must notify the staff in advance of the programs.
-Reporting on prior and upcoming events at J-Teen gatherings
-Representing J-Teen Leadership at community organizations and events.
-Acting as Doogma Eesheet, or role models for other J-Teen participants

In addition, members will have access to hands-on and interactive skill-building and leadership-development workshops open only to and catered specifically for the Leadership Circle. In these workshops members will build relationships with one another and develop their public speaking, advocacy, teamwork, philanthropy and decision-making skills.

Leadership Circle Membership Fee: $180 -  Scholarships available!
Covers overall programming costs for monthly Leadership Circle meetings and related programs. 

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