Introduction & Survey Information

Help save the world of learning! The results from hundreds of schools/districts responding helps report on trends in the nation’s digital transition.

30 questions (some essays) - 7-26 minutes needed to complete

Purpose > This is an annual survey of U.S. K-12 administrators in any leadership position, a separate survey is being conducted just for teachers.  We will be selecting the Top responding schools and districts to announce during our National Gathering awards ceremony to honor their achievements. National editorial stories will highlight these winners in online stories and be issued in a Special Report for members of the EduJedi Leadership Society to study.
IMPORTANT - The essays that are used for granting EduJedi levels of achievement.  Do your best!

Please save the email in which you received the link to this survey. You will need to access this survey from that email link and from the same computer so you may return to the same response you started if you get called away.  Responses are saved through cookies.

To receive a PDF of the entire survey for printing, data collection and discussion with others in your district, or to ask questions about the survey items, please send a request email to:
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