Dear Colleagues,

As you know, P5 is underway, building upon the yearlong Snowmass process. A public website
provides news and information (including the charge and panel membership), links to meetings, and a portalfor anyone in the community to submit written input. Please have a look, and check the site regularly for updates.

At the March 13 HEPAP meeting, Steve Ritz presented P5 Preliminary Comments, as planned, setting the stage for the report in May. See . There was a long and detailed discussion, and the comments were well received by HEPAP and others in attendance.

We will hold a third Virtual Town Hall on Monday 31 March, with the focus this time on community thoughts and questions about what Steve presented. The meeting will start at 16:00 UTC (8 AM Pacific, 9AM Mountain, 10 AM Central, 11AM Eastern US) and will run for up to 90 minutes, depending on interest. We apologize to our colleagues working in Asia for the inconvenient time.

Please register here:

We will keep the same format, though the categories (see below) are structured to continue to encourage speakers to focus more on the big issues for our field and less on endorsing a particular project. A brief P5 status update will also be given at the beginning of the meeting.

The meeting is open to anyone working in particle physics.

As time is limited, and there likely are many issues to cover, each person who registered to speak will be given 2 minutes. All are welcome; however, if it becomes necessary to limit the number of speakers,
preference will be given to those who work in US-funded groups and were not able to attend one of the five previous Town Hall meetings. We’ll post on the P5 site the ordered list of people registered to speak prior tothe meeting.

The topic categories for registration are as follows:

“I have a question or comment on the following topic (see P5 HEPAP slides linked above):”

1) Big scientific questions and drivers for the field
2) Key elements of strategic planning
3) Prioritization criteria
4) Communication planning
5) Anything else?
6) Not planning to speak, just listening

The meeting will be recorded.

If you have questions or suggestions please send them to:
with subject field: Virtual Town Hall

Many thanks!

Ian Shipsey and Nick Hadley (DPF)
Andy Lankford (HEPAP Chair)
Steve Ritz (P5 Chair)

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* 5. Primary research activity (examples: theory, ATLAS, SuperCDMS etc.)

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* 6. “I have a question or comment on the following topic (see P5 HEPAP slides linked above):”
(If you have a question or comment on more than one topic please indicate the primary topic you wish to address.)