Introduction to CFMA's Peer Group Program
The CFMA Peer Group program is for CFMA General Members seeking to improve their companies through information sharing and feedback with their fellow construction financial managers in non-competing regions and markets. Membership in a group is intended to be ongoing with the same set of peers meeting regularly to discuss issues, concerns, current trends, benchmarking, best practices and successes in a confidential setting.

Please note:  You must be a current, General member of CFMA in order to participate in the Peer Group program (Associate members cannot participate in the program).  If you are not currently a CFMA member, you must complete the application process here: in order to be accepted into the program.

In order to ensure consistency of experience, groups will follow a minimal prescribed structure based on direction from CFMA. Individual groups can customize their operations beyond this structure to meet the needs of their members.  Submitting an application does not guarantee placement into a Peer Group. Applicants are matched with a group; occasionally there is not a group that is a good fit. Applicants will be notified if they are unable to be placed into a group.

Members: Approximately 10 individuals from geographically diverse, non-competing companies.
In-Person Meetings: Groups can opt to meet for 1 or 2 in person meetings per year (1.5 days).
Videoconferences: Once per month (may be less frequent at the groups' discretion).
Facilitation/Agenda: All group videoconferences and in-person meetings have professional facilitation. Meetings/calls are not recorded.
Administrative Support:  All groups will have administrative support at their disposal (questions, contact info updates, scheduling conference calls, Doodle polls, invoice processing, etc.)

The CFMA Peer Group Program will offer two options: Groups holding one in-person meeting per year, and groups holding two in-person meetings per year. This gives the flexibility for you to choose the peer group format that is right for you.
The fees for the April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025 CFMA Peer Group Program will be:
·         $850 per person for groups holding 1 in-person meeting per year
·         $1,100 per person for groups holding 2 in-person meetings per year

Once you have been placed into a Peer group, you will be invoiced through your account on The fee is not refundable. Peer Group participants are responsible for all costs related to in-person meetings (travel, hotel, meals, etc.). CFMA will cover facilitator-related expenses only for in-person meetings. Please see our FAQ for details. CFMA reserves the right to increase the program fee at the beginning of each program year.