Thank you for your interest in participating in our upcoming series of creative conversation circles, which are open to the public. By attending one of the sessions listed below, you will have the opportunity to engage in small discussion groups focused on different aspects of the future of symphonic music in Charleston.

The College of Charleston, Coastal Community Foundation, and Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts are hosting these conversations, and each session is structured to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and innovation through these highly interactive and participatory dialogues.

Our community deserves our best thinking. Please register below to save your place in this important conversation, network with your fellow community leaders and help co-create our future. Details and a reminder will be mailed in advance of the session (if you provide us with your email address).

Your email address will only be used to send a reminder with directions and parking instructions prior to the session and to share the final results of the process with you when a final report has been completed. We will not share or otherwise use your information for any other purposes.

A separate registration form is required for each individual who will be attending.

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