SubjectToClimate is a nonprofit startup that will be an online hub for K-12 teachers of all subjects to find credible and engaging resources. Overall, our goal is to enhance climate change knowledge and inspire awareness and action by making climate change teaching and learning accessible to all.

We need YOUR help to know what you need to teach climate! 6 questions, 6 minutes -- go!

Question Title

* 1. Which topics about climate change do you teach or hope to teach? Check all that apply.

Question Title

* 2. If you were searching on a website for climate change resources, how important would it be to search by the following filters?

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not important
Grade level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12)
 Subject (science, social studies, math, ELA, etc.)
 Standards (C3, NGSS, Common Core, NCSS)
Skills (21st Century Skills, SEL, etc.)
Topics (See Question 1 for examples)
Regional focus (Global, National, State, etc.)
Resource type (article, video, assessment, activity, etc.)

Question Title

* 3. Imagine you are searching for online resources to teach climate change. Which features would be most valuable to you? Please rate the following

Features that...

  Very important  Important  Somewhat important  Not important 
Customizes a personal collection of curated teaching resources 
Integrates content with distance-learning tech tools (Nearpod, Schoology, Google Classroom, etc.)
Provides tips on how to integrate the resources into your curriculum
Summarizes the resources so you can quickly decide if you want to use it or not
Includes ratings and reviews from educators who have used the resource (similar to a YELP function)
Communicates the process for assessing content credibility
Allows you to ask questions to subject-matter experts
Allows you to ask questions in an open form style
Allows you to store teaching resources in your SubjectToClimate account

Question Title

* 4. Please rate how valuable the following types of resources are to you.

  Very valuable Valuable  Somewhat valuable  Not valuable 
Interactive animations + simulators 
Lesson plans 
CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) formatted resources 
 Professional development opportunities
Spanish-language resources

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* 5. Kindly click here on SubjectToClimate  and follow the arrows to the light blue boxes for an example of how a sequence would be presented on our platform. Please note that this is a prototype and not our actual website.

Yes No
(1) Was it organized in a way that made sense to you?
(2) Would you implement a sequence in your classroom?

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* 8. Be the first to get access to SubjectToClimate resources!

Thank you so much, we really appreciate your input in helping us shape SubjectToClimate.

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