There are approximately 400,000 Correctional Officers in the United States and an additional 50,000 support staff and administrators. Of those 400,000 Correctional Officers 28% are women, 112,000 female Correctional Officers. An even higher percentage of women make up the ranks of the 50,000 remaining staff.

On September 26th, One Voice United sponsored a ZOOM conference attended by fifteen female correctional officers, supervisors, social workers and medical staff to discuss gender specific issues affecting women in corrections. One of the results of that inaugural meeting is this survey designed to help recognize and address the issues faced by female staff. We hope you will take a moment and complete it.

One Voice United was founded on the principle of speaking on issues impacting Correctional Officers and staff, only after we listen to their voices on that issue. In upholding that tenet, we are asking female staff across the country who own a stake in both the physical and mental conditions where they work to take this survey.
DISCLAIMER: This survey is intended to help guide state and national discussions on issues specific to women working in corrections.  The statements and questions asked in this survey are not official positions of One Voice United and information collected in this survey will only be used to provide direct feedback on issues of importance to female officers and staff. All responses will remain anonymous (unless you choose to provide your personal information at the end of the survey) and we encourage participants to be as open and honest as possible.

About One Voice United: a national campaign, made up of the leading labor unions, officers, staff, activists, academics and policy makers with the goal of building bridges and advancing a unified approach to improving our nation’s criminal justice system.

Thank you for taking the time to help us learn about your concerns so that we may speak with One Voice United.