Understanding the water needs, preferences and concerns of Texas residents

With an abundance of waterways and aquifers across the state, Texas is indeed blessed. Despite the apparent abundance of water resources, the Texas population continues to increase at a steady rate along with its water use. Meeting the domestic water needs of a growing population coupled with various industrial, commercial, and agricultural needs can be a challenge. The Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute (NRI) is conducting a general survey of water users, water providers, community representatives, and water professionals as part of our Texas Land Trends program (http://txlandtrends.org/).  You are receiving this questionnaire because you are a state resident and we want to hear from you about water.  With your help, we would like to find better ways to serve you and others across the state by gaining an understanding of the daily use and management of water resources across Texas.
Your participation and individual responses will remain confidential and anonymous – your responses will not be associated with you in any way and will only be presented in aggregate form (e.g., averages, totals).  The voluntary survey consists of 55 questions, is divided into 10 topic areas (General Water Questions, Water Dependability, Accessibility of Information, Cost of Water, Future Water Needs, Water Quality, Water Recreation, Private Wells, Flooding and Drought, and Water Users), and for the most part is multiple choice.  The survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. To finish more quickly, it is strongly recommended that you fill out the survey using a tablet/iPad, laptop, or desktop computer. Here is the online survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/P2HZ2XQ.
We are very grateful for your time and participation. Your responses are important and will help residents across the state. As a token of our appreciation for participating in our survey, you have the option of entering a raffle to win 1 of 15 Yeti® Texas Land Trends tumblers. If you would like to enter the random drawing, please follow the instructions at the end of the survey. Your entry information will not be associated with your responses or your property. Thank you for participating! 
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