This survey is intended to gather information from residents for consideration in the development of a “Parks Master Plan” for the City of Ovilla. The Plan will form part of the City’s 2018-2028 Comprehensive Plan.

* 1. Where do you live?

* 3. Please indicate your age

* 5. What types of activities do the children in your family like to do? Select all that apply)

* 6. What types of activities do the adults in your family like to do? Check the boxes for all that apply.

* 7. Where do you and your family participate in sports and other recreational activities? (Select all that apply)

* 9. What, if anything, would lead you to visit a public park in Ovilla more often?

* 11. In your opinion, should existing parks/recreation spaces in Ovilla be updated?

* 12. What additional recreational facilities would you like to have in Ovilla? Please rate each facility according to how important you think it is (very, somewhat, or not important).

  Very important Important Not important No opinion
Recreation Center
Hike/Jogging/Bike Trail
Disc Golf
Splash Pad
Swimming Pool
Outdoor Tennis Court
Softball/Baseball Field
Soccer Field
Covered Picnic Area
Outdoor Picnic Area
Golf Course
Basketball Courts
Volleyball Courts
Skate Park
Public Garden