Recognizing Excellence Among OHS Professionals Begins with You! The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is made up of over 4,500 dedicated members who commit their days (and in many cases …nights) to the protection of millions of Canadian workers. The CSSE Recognizing Excellence Awards program provides a framework to pay special recognition to the extraordinary efforts and achievements of CSSE members.

The awards for Outstanding Achievement are presented to a Professional or a Group for an outstanding achievement: possibly the development of a service; a training course; a tool; or an event – that advances the science or the profession. Winners of this award must demonstrate the impact their achievement has had on their profession, workplace, and/or the CSSE at a chapter, regional or national level. This is intended to recognize mostly a single accomplishment; though it could also recognize a group (not a person) who has demonstrated consistent outstanding achievements. These are awarded at the level (Chapter, Regional or National) according to the sphere of influence.

You may wish to view our guideline prior to proceeding, as it outlines all the information required for the nomination submission.

Nominations Deadline: April 30, 2018

More information on the CSSE Awards program can be found at Should you have any questions, please contact

* 1. Name of individual/group being nominated:

* 2. Nominee's chapter:

* 3. Years of CSSE membership:

* 4. Nominee's email address:

  • Please provide information in each of the areas below, as these are the basis of the scoring. All fields require a response, with the exception of the additional information field.
  • Please note that there is a 500 word limit in each section response. If a response is over the word limit you will be asked to edit your response before being able to proceed.
Description of Achievement

The scope of the work must demonstrate that the work, project, service, training course, tool or event is innovative and a forward thinking idea that supports the vision and mission of CSSE and advances the science or the profession.

CSSE Mission: To be the resource for professional development, knowledge and information exchange to our members, our profession and the Canadian Public.
CSSE Vision: CSSE shapes the safety profession in Canada by working collaboratively with its members and partners.

The work must clearly demonstrate improved service to employers, employees or the workplace that they serve. Details on the opportunity or challenge that the work/project/initiative was intended to address must be clearly outlined.

Evidence to include improvements to health and safety in general, innovation to workplace and benefits to company/organization/public.

* 5. Please enter description of achievement:

Successes and Contributions to Health and Safety

The work must clearly show that the work/project/initiative demonstrates a commitment to health and safety. The impact of their achievement must have proven results on their profession, workplace and/or CSSE at a Chapter, Regional or National level. It must be clear that the work demonstrates improvement to health and safety to the organization and/or the greater community.

Evidence to include proof or data, how it enhances health and safety in general and organizations or areas affected.

* 6. Please enter successes and contributions:

Leadership and Teamwork

Strong leadership qualities must be evident. This may be achieved by demonstrating employee consultation, involvement, empowerment, recognition etc. Details of the communication and consultation process must be included.

Evidence to include type of communication was used, extent of teamwork, communication and consultation, whether goal achieved or expectations met, or going above and beyond goals or expectations.

* 7. Please enter leadership and teamwork qualities:

Effective Performance

Describe how the individual/group has impacted on health and safety management and performance was above and beyond their immediate field/area of responsibility. 

Evidence to include how the work was effective, how it improved or enhanced safety, if goals were met or surpassed.

* 8. Please enter effective performance qualities:

Results and Impact

Details of the results and scope of impact must be evident. The impact of the work must have sustainable results that are measurable year over year.

Evidence to include leading/lagging indicators, benefits to organization, benefits to profession. Specific impact, number of people affected and duration of benefits to be included. How do the results:
  • expand or elaborate upon core knowledge, skills, techniques; or
  • ensure exposure to current arising trends and topics; or
  • stimulate new thinking and approaches; or
  • introduce new methods and tools; or
  • improve collaboration between OHS professionals.

* 9. Please enter results and impact details:

* 10. Please provide any additional information to support your nomination:

* 11. Your name:

* 12. Your Chapter affiliation:

* 13. Your email address:

Thank you for nominating a deserving CSSE member.

Next Steps:

Both nominators and nominees will receive an email confirming receipt of the nomination.

Once nominations close on April 30th, 2018, the Awards Committee will be working with Chapter Chairs, Regional Vice-Presidents and select Board members to review the nominations and select the winners at each level. The same scoring matrix will be used to review the nominations at every stage of progression, where applicable.

All award winners will be announced at the annual conference, but only National awards will be presented at that time. Chapter and regional awards will be presented locally following the annual conference.

If you have any questions regarding the awards program or the process, please contact