What This Survey is About

Decisions about development and land use on the Northeast Avalon Region are guided by a Regional Plan. The original Regional Plan for the Northeast Avalon Peninsula was adopted in 1976 and is called the St. John's Urban Region Regional Plan. The Region includes all areas on the Peninsula north from the Towns of Bay Bulls and Holyrood, including those two towns and Bell Island (see map below).

The current Regional Plan is out of date. It is being reviewed by a team of consultants, overseen by the Province and the municipalities within the Region. The process includes direct research by the consultants, and consultation of the public through meetings and special events, as well as this survey. It will result in a new Regional Plan containing new policies and a revised land use map to help municipalities of the Northeast Avalon make decisions in the context of an updated vision of the Region's future.

This is the second public survey we have conducted online. The first was open from late February until April 17, 2017, and explored the issues that residents of the Region considered to be most important to them. We are very pleased that 781 residents of the Region filled it out.

This survey digs deeper into your feelings about growth in the Region and your expectations of the infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, and other facilities) that governments provide to support growth. We want to know whether you want to see the Northeast Avalon continue to increase its population, where you think growth should be located, and your experiences with the Region's infrastructure. 

More information can be found on our website: ournortheastavalon.com.

Please help us gather information and understand your priorities for the future of the Region by filling in this questionnaire.

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