Abstract Submission Form Instructions:

The abstract submissions form requires a list of the presenter, author(s), organizational affiliation(s), job title(s), abstract (limit 200 words), and a short bio of the presenter (limit 100 words).

Some of the boxes require you to type in the information, others are drop-down windows that you need to click on the box and then select the correct item. There is a side scroll bar on the right that enables you to move through all the questions on the form. Abstracts and Presenter Bios can be copied from Word files and pasted into their respective boxes (the font size and type doesn't matter).  You are responsible for proofreading for the accuracy of all content.

The number of oral presentations is limited and will be evaluated for inclusion based on likely degree of interest, uniqueness of topic, and quality of the abstract. Speakers are not restricted to the theme of the Fire Congress, nor the main topics listed below, but we encourage such proposals, and we are very interested in international presentations. All presentations and posters will be evaluated for scientific merit, and authors are encouraged to include management implications in their talks where appropriate.

Several Fire Congress sessions will be devoted to Rapid Fire (Speed) talks and Fire AFEx talks. The Rapid Fire talks will be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes and 15 slides and can focus on research results, research proposals, and/or research-based conclusions. Fire AFEx talks will be 15-minute presentations in one of the morning sessions with full Fire Congress attendance. They are not specific research summaries but compelling and engaging talks that focus on key and interesting ideas and issues related to a variety of fire topics. If you would like your presentation to be considered for one of these other two venues please check the appropriate boxes below.

Please note: All presenters are expected to register for the 7th International Fire Congress. All registration, travel, and lodging are the responsibility of the presenters. Deadline for Oral Presentation Abstract submissions is August 1, 2017 and acceptance notifications go out September 15, 2017. The submission deadline for poster presentations is September 15, 2017 and notifications will go out October 1, 2017.

* Asterisks denotes required questions.

Topics for the Fire Congress include but are not limited to:
•    20/20 Vision: Looking Back, Looking Forward
•    Fire Ecology & Effects
•    Fire Management and Use
•    Fire Modeling
•    Climate Change & Fire History
•    Restoration & Resiliency
•    GIS and Remote Sensing
•    Policy Issues
•    Case Studies and Lessons Learned
•    Education & Communication
•    Living with Fire – Cultural, Socio-Economic, Health
•    Smoke Management & Modeling 

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* If you have been pre-approved to participate in a Special Session (including Fire Trek for students) please check the box below and write in the coordinator's last name. If you are not sure, you probably are not in a Special Session, so skip this question.

* Fire AFEx Talks are by nomination and invitation only.  Check the box below if you'd like to nominate yourself to give one of these talks.

* Category--Choose the best category below for your presentation. Submissions will be reviewed and placed in the appropriate session by the Program Committee.  If you are in a Special Session or Fire Trek, only choose the last box, regardless of your individual topic area.

  First choice Second choice Third choice
Fire Ecology and Effects
Fire Management and Use
Fire Modeling
Climate Change and Fire History
Restoration and Resiliency
GIS and Remote Sensing
Policy Issues
Case Studies and Lessons Learned
Education and Communication
Living with Fire ~ Cultural, Socio-Economic, Health
Smoke Management and Modeling
My presentation has been pre-approved as part of a Special Session (or for Fire Trek, for students only)

* Abstract--Limit is 200 words. The submitter is responsible for proofreading the abstract and validating the accuracy of the content.

* First Author ~ Please format as follows:

Name: First Middle Initial Last
Affiliation: Job Title/Position, Institution/Agency/Organization
Location: City, State/Province/Region, Country, Email

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* Additional Co-Authors

* Presenter Bio--100 words or less. This information may be used in our program, on our website, or in our marketing material. Please include your: Name, Title, Affiliation, and one brief comment of notable achievement (important publication, contribution etc.). Please write your bio in the 3rd person.