Protect the Rights of International Students and Scholars to Work and Stay in the United States 
We call on our Federal and State representatives to reject any attempts to ban or limit opportunities for international students and scholars to work in the United States. Instead, we must preserve and expand important programs – including Optional Practical Training, J-1, H-1B, and the permanent residency process – that fosters the inclusion of people who come to share their talent, ideas, and expertise from across the globe.

Innovation, discovery, and research do not stop at national borders. Neither can the rights and opportunities of students and scholars who make major contributions to world-class research and teaching at US universities. Their work, before and after graduation, plays an essential role in driving leadership in innovative technology and scholarship, breakthrough cures to our most threatening diseases, and efforts to address urgent issues like climate change.

We must have clear paths for international students and scholars to enter and remain in the United States if we plan on ensuring scientific, technological and scholarly innovation.

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