Thank you for your interest in Greenland!

Please help us learn more about you and your ideas by filling out this media request form. We ask that anyone requesting financial support from Visit Greenland and our airline partners fill out this form. We appreciate your patience as we review all the requests.
Visit Greenland assesses media on the following criteria:
  • Research and knowledge of Greenland
    Note requests that show in-depth research get preference
  • Content and storytelling quality
  • Platforms and freelance commissions particularly in adventure media
  • Primary markets reached 
  • Value added
    Note the more targeted commissions, the better! If you are a blogger or photographer who also leads tours, you will get preference
  • Independency
    Note requests that show willingness to plan own trip and be flexible in times of uncertainty get preference

Please be aware that we ONLY reply to those whose projects we are interested to support. If you do not hear from us, it is because we will not be able to provide financial support for your trip.
If you have a non-sponsorship inquiry about social media and Greenland, please close this form and write to social@visitgreenland.com.

For all other non-sponsorship inquiries, please close this form and write to press@visitgreenland.com.

For more information about how Visit Greenland works with press and media, please check our website.