Thank you for your interest in One Climate Future, Portland and South Portland's joint climate action and adaptation plan. Together, the Cities are working to be inclusive, vibrant communities that provide opportunities for residents and businesses to thrive in a changing climate.

This survey is the last of three public surveys. The first captured concerns of residents about the effects of climate change. The second sought to understand the barriers to taking climate action. This survey is the final step in determining what mitigation and adaptation strategies will be included in the final plan. We are seeking your input on the strategies that have come out of the planning process to date. 

To note: The proposed policies and programs in the survey are some of the options we are considering, but their inclusion in the survey does not mean we will necessarily pursue their implementation. While the strategies are both practical and ambitious, some are achievable now and others would require legislative change at the state level. Anything that is proposed would need to be approved by the City Council.

Glossary: We have provided a glossary of terms that may need clarification. A link to the glossary will be available on each page of the survey.

Question Title

* There will be four key topics included in the One Climate Future Plan. You will have the option to provide feedback on as many (or as few) categories as you would like. Which category would you like to provide feedback on first?