One Climate Future: Charting a Course for Portland and South Portland

One Climate Future is Portland and South Portland's joint climate action and adaption planning process. We know our future will be impacted by climate change.  With this planning process we hope to make our communities even stronger tomorrow than we are today. Your input will help make it a success.

This survey is the second of three surveys that will inform the One Climate Future plan. In the previous survey, we sought to understand what actions community members are already taking. In this survey, we want to hear about the barriers or challenges you face in taking certain actions within each of these key topics:

1. Buildings and Energy Use: Using energy efficiently, transitioning to renewable energy, and encouraging high performing buildings
2. Climate Resilience: Ensuring all of our neighborhoods can withstand, respond to, and recover from a disruption
3. Transportation and Land Use: Designing and connecting our homes, businesses, and public spaces around an efficient transportation network
4. Waste Reduction: Minimizing waste by changing how our community consumes and disposes of goods and materials

Thanks for your anonymous participation in our survey.