Thank you for your interest in the future of Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail and the 250th Anniversary Commemoration of the Portolá expedition.

Background: For four years the San Mateo County Parks Department, the San Mateo County Historical Association, partner agencies, and dedicated volunteers have been documenting the village sites of the Ohlone Indians of San Mateo County and the historic route of Gaspar de Portolá who in 1769 led the first land expedition by the Spanish to “Alta California.”

Heritage Trail Vision: The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail in San Mateo County will honor the region’s California Indians and commemorates the Portolá expedition through an interpretive, multi-use recreational route that will take visitors back in time to learn about native Ohlone history and culture and to follow the footsteps of the first European explorers to see the San Francisco Bay.

What is the Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail: When compete the Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail will follow Ohlone trade routes and the 90-mile-long journey of the Portolá expedition in San Mateo County. The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail will connect the expedition’s campsites and the nearby Ohlone villages that offered food and direction in assisting the expedition’s journey.

First, a few questions about you, your interest in local history, and your experiences in the outdoors of San Mateo County.

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* 3. Are you aware that portions of the California Coastal Trail, Crystal Springs Regional Trail, and Año Nuevo State Park are part of the Ohlone trade routes and the Portolá expedition route?