The Ohio Department of Transportation and its partners are updating Ohio's long-range transportation plan, called Access Ohio 2045. We are asking for feedback from residents on possible transportation trends that could impact what Ohio's transportation system might look like in 25 years. Please take 5 minutes to answer this brief survey.

* 1. How important will the following potential trends be in shaping the future of transportation in Ohio?

  Extremely significant Very significant Significant Less significant Not significant
Continued growth rate of residents over the age of 65
Continued growth of residents with a disability
Growing population of suburban counties around existing large urban areas
More people choosing to live in urban centers
Shifting population in rural Ohio (loss of population in some counties, potential gains in others)
Growing number of service-related jobs (e.g., hospitality, retail, finance, health care)
Growing global trade resulting in increasing freight movement to, from, and through Ohio
Increasing manufacturing activity in Ohio
Increasing rate of online, broadband connectivity
Increasing use of shared mobility services (e.g., Uber/Lyft, bikeshare)
Increasing use of new technologies (e.g., self-driving and electric vehicles; vehicles that communicate with each other and roadside infrastructure; drones;  hyperloop)

* 2. Related to the potential trends above, identify the potential issues facing Ohio’s transportation system over the next 25 years

  Extremely significant Very significant Significant Less significant Not significant
Fatalities and serious injuries on the transportation system
Age and physical condition of highways and bridges
Highway congestion and delay
Growth in freight movement by highway, rail, water or air
Availability of public transit (e.g., bus, rail, van)
Availability of human service transportation (curb to curb service for people with disabilities, senior transportation and non-emergency medical transportation)
Availability of bike lanes, sidewalks and trails
Limited funding for transportation investments
Access to reliable passenger air service

* 3. Based on your understanding of these potential trends and issues, please choose your top three transportation priorities between now and 2045.

* Please describe your "other" choice above.